Garness Industrial Products (GIP), has served the state of Alaska for 40 years as a leader in the water and wastewater treatment field. GIP provides product sales and equipment leasing as well as a team of water and wastewater treatment plant operators and consultants. Whether you need a chemical toilet for your weekend cabin, an incinerator for a construction site, or a mobile water and wastewater treatment system for an oilfield camp, GIP can provide you with a product to meet your specific needs.
We serve villages, camps (oilfield, mining, timber, construction, and fish processing), commercial operations,  and residential clients from Prudhoe Bay to Ketchikan and the far reaches of the Aleutian chain.
We look forward to serving you and will do our best to meet or exceed your expectations.

Commercial Services

  • Pumps, incinerators, chemicals, and lab-testing equipment, we have a solution to your problems

Rural Services

  • Our portable, all-in-one water & wastewater treatment systems are ready for deployment

Residential Services

  • From septic system treatments, to composting toilets, we have a wide variety products to fit your needs